Sonax Windscreen Wash Citrus 1:10 (250mL)

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  • A CRYSTAL CLEAR VIEW OF THE ROAD - Keep your windshield looking clean while you cruise down the highway. This windscreen washing solution quickly removes dust, dirt, oil, and bug splatter.
  • FRIENDLY ON CAR SURFACES - This windshield wash is safe to be used on xenon and plastic headlamps in clear-glass optic. It won't create headlight stress cracks or cause fading on your car's paint.
  • A REFRESHING SMELL - Not fond of windscreen washing solutions that give off an overpowering scent? This windshield washing liquid keeps your car smelling fresh with its citrus fragrance!
  • EXCELLENT VALUE - This windshield wash uses a high-performance concentrated solution. The small 250ml bottle gives you up to 2.5 litres of cleaning fluid when mixed with the proper ratio of water.
  • A THOUGHTFUL PRESENT FOR MOTORHEADS - Give the gift of a clean and clear windscreen with this windshield washing concentrate. It will make a suitable gift for a car owner on holidays and birthdays.
Having trouble driving with all the streaks and smears on your windshield?

You are driving down the road on a clear summer night. As your cruise the highway, a bug hits your windshield, creating a nasty-looking splatter that blocks your view of the road. You activate your windshield washer to clear away the grime, but this just ends up spreading the mess even further across your windscreen.

If you are looking to enjoy clear and unhindered vision on the road, keep your windshield looking spotless with this concentrated windscreen washing solution.

Clear away windshield dirt and grime in seconds with the Sonax Windscreen Wash Concentrate 1:10.

Enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of the road with this windshield washing liquid. It is formulated to instantly remove soot, dust, dirt, smudges, bug splatter, oil, and other pollutants off of your windscreen and headlights.

Keep your headlamps shining clear and bright at night. This windscreen wash works great on high quality xenon headlamps as well as light-diffusing plastic headlamps in clear glass optic. It won't cause any stress cracks, streaks, or water spots that can affect the brightness and clarity of your headlights.

To use, mix 1 part of this liquid concentrate with water and fill up your windscreen washer reservoir. The liquid wash gives off a fresh lemon fragrance that you will surely love.

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this windscreen wash solution:

?? Premium quality, made in Germany

?? Does not contain any phosphate

?? Essential addition to your car-cleaning accessories

Always have a clear view of what's ahead. Add the Sonax Windscreen Wash Concentrate 1:10 to your basket NOW!