Sonax Car Polish (500 mL)

Brand: Sonax
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  • Bring Out That Shine - Reveal That Glossy Paintwork In No Time. This Car Polish Is Formulated To Restore The Deep Shine To Dull-Looking Paintwork, Leaving Your Car Looking Incredibly Glossy.
  • Protect Against Water Marks - Water Droplets Can Leave Nasty-Looking Water Spots. This Car Polish Contains Natural Carnauba Wax That Will Give Your Paintwork Added Water-Repellent Properties.
  • Smooth & Sleek - Feel The Real Smoothness Of Your Car'S Paint. Carnauba Wax Provides A Lovely, Smooth Finish To Your Car'S Paintwork. This Allows Water To Slide Off And Dust Less Likely To Stick.
  • Stress-Free Application - Applying This Car Polish Is An Enjoyable Task. Just Pour Some On A Clean Sponge, Apply It Evenly On Your Car'S Surfaces, And Polish With A Dry Microfiber Cloth.
  • A Must-Have For Your Detailing Arsenal - Complete Your Collection Of Professional Car Detailing Solutions. This Car Polish With Carnauba Wax Will Work With Your Favorite Sealants And Paint Enhancers.
  • Polish for removing slight scratches and restoring the shine to dull paintwork. Easily applied, it cleans, freshens up the colours and protects the treated surfaces. Its natural Carnauba wax content ensures long-lasting protection. Convincingly restores the deep shine.

  • Cleans and polishes new, dull, and slightly weathered coloured and metallic paint
  • Micro abrasives gently clean the paintwork surface, eradicate finest roughnesses, and restore the gloss and colour
  • Carnauba wax provides long-lasting protection against climatic influences
  • Offers outstanding protection and is a winner thanks to its amazing ease of application, even with hot paint and direct sunlight
  • Convincingly restores the deep shine