Sonax Bike Cleaner (750mL)

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  • POWERFUL CLEANER - Remove stubborn dirt from your entire bike in no time with our cleaning spray. Its potent formula provides a thorough clean for your bicycle while being gentle on its components.
  • GOOD FOR CHAINS - Keep your drivetrain, sprockets, and other sensitive components in peak condition with our cleaning product. It’s perfectly suitable for use on these important parts of the bike.
  • SAFE FOR ALL MATERIALS - Our essential bike care product is compatible with all materials by design. From carbon fiber and plastic to aluminum, our cleaner will do its work with great effectiveness.
  • EASY SPRAY BOTTLE - This product comes in a spray bottle containing 750 ml of our potent formula. It is easy to use. Spray, let sit, and rinse. You’ll also get great value with its quantity.
  • ALSO FOR E-BIKES & E-SCOOTERS - No need to second guess if our product’s safe to use on electric scooters and electric bikes, because it is. The bike cleaner won’t damage any of your ride’s parts.

Is your bike all soiled and dirty again? Ride hard, ride fast, and a filthy bike is sure to follow. That’s how it goes when you hit the road or dirt path. But hey, that’s par for the course. What’s important is that you clean your bicycle afterwards so it can keep being your go-to ride for a longer time. Water and soap don’t always cut it with washing your bike, though. Dirt can still stick and some products may have chemicals that jeopardize the components of your bike. Fortunately, we have a product that handles this concern with great efficacy while being safe and gentle. Wash away all that dirt and debris safely with the Sonax Bike Cleaner! Cleaning bicycles has never been more effortless with our spray cleaner. It does the tidying all on its own, with just a few sprays needed from you.

It can clean everything, from the frame and the sprockets to the drivetrain and chain rings. What sets our bike cleaning product is its gentle formulation. It is compatible with all sorts of materials, be it plastic, aluminum, or carbon fiber. It gets rid of various dust and debris without damaging the bike parts in any way. It’s even suitable for e-bikes and e-scooters. Directions for use: Spray the cleaner onto the bike’s surface and let sit for about but do not let dry. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before proceeding to rinse thoroughly with clear water. If necessary, you may repeat the application process and support the cleaning with a soft sponge. Use of a high-pressure device is not advised. Here are further details about our bike care product: Made in Germany 750 ml trigger sprayer bottle Item weight: 150 grams Never again will you have to ride a dirty bike. Order your own Sonax Bike Cleaner today!