500 AMP Booster Cables Kit

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  • Powerful and reliable: These cables have a capacity of 500 AMPS and can bring your vehicle's battery to life in a matter of seconds
  • Convenient: Comes with a sturdy storage case which allows you to neatly store it in your car while protecting the cables from sand and rain
  • Universally compatible: Perfect for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs
  • Compact: At 2.5 meters in length and 10mm in diameter, these cables offer enough length to bridge the batteries of 2 SUVs, while remaining compact for stowage
  • Includes: 1 set of Booster Cable, 1 Carrying Case
The AOR 500 AMP Battery Jumper Cables is a simple yet essential piece of equipment to keep in your vehicle at all times for emergency situations. Jump start your vehicle: 1. Get the cars as close together as possible but do not allow the cars to touch one another. 2. Make sure both vehicles are turned off and in "Park" or "Neutral" with handbrake pulled. 3. Connect one red clamp to the positive (+) battery post of the "dead" battery. 4. Connect the other red clamp to the positive (+) post of the good battery. 5. Connect one black-end clamp to the negative (-) post of the good battery. 6. Carefully connect the other black-end clamp to some large unpainted metallic part of your car's engine block. Never connect it to the negative (-) post of the "dead" battery. This causes sparking, which could ignite battery gases. 7. Start the working car and run it at idling speed for a few minutes. After letting it run, start the "dead" car. Once your "dead" car has started and is running, immediately disconnect the jumper cables in the reverse order. 8. Drive around for at least 15 minutes to recharge your battery and have it checked and tested at a garage as soon as possible.