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AOR Digital Quick Deflator

AOR Digital Quick Deflator

AED 184 *Incl. Tax

(In stock)

AOR Digital Quick Deflator

Brand: American Off Road (AOR)
Warranty Period: 1 YEAR

Quick Overview

The AOR Digital Quick Deflator is the ideal way to deflate your tires while also having an accurate reading of your tire pressure.

- Designed to deflate all kind of tires
- Measuring range: 0 - 60 PSI
- Can display pressure in PSI, Bar, kPa or kg/cm2
- Fully geared, solid brass precision movement
- LCD Display: 21*10 mm LCD display
- Power: 3V lithium coin cell
- Operating temperature:  -5 to 50 Degrees C

Digital tire pressure gauges/deflators are more accurate and easy to read while only costing a small amount more than analog gauges.

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AED 184 *Incl. Tax



  1. Press the “ON/UNIT/OFF” button. Wait for 0 to show
  2. With the slide valve pushed forward, thread the valve system adaptor onto the valve stem in a clockwise direction
  3. Push the valve core remover forward until it engages the valve and turn anti-clockwise to remove valve
  4. When the valve core is removed it will push the core remover out and the gauge will read the tire pressure
  5. Pull out on the slide valve to release air. Push in the slide valve to stop the air and check the pressure. Gauge will only show correct pressure when slide valve is pushed in
  6. When the desired pressure is reached, push the valve core remover in and turn clockwise until the valve sits firmly. Important: Do not over tighten the valve core
  7. Remove the unit by turning the valve stem adaptor in an anti-clockwise direction. Ensure a valve cap is placed on the valve stem to prevent debris from entering
  8. Gauge will automatically shut off 20 seconds after use or it can be manually turned off by holding the “ON” button down for more than 3 seconds
Additional Information
Brand American Off Road (AOR)
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