Sonax Flexi Blade - Silicon

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  • ? SCRATCH-FREE DRYING - Wipe your car's exterior dry without the fear of scratching or scuffing its surface. This flexible wiper blade offers 16 times less friction than terry cloth towels.
  • ? REMOVES WATER WITH A SIMPLE SWIPE - Dry your vehicle's exterior faster with our 12-inch silicone Flexi-blade. This tool allows you to wipe multiple areas at once, saving time whenever you clean your car.
  • ? ADAPTS TO CURVES -The silicone blade's ergonomic soft edge handle feels comfy to hold. The blade is capable of bending to mold the shape and curve of the hood, bumper, trunk lid, and your car's roof.
  • ? NOT JUST FOR CARS - Want to clean your large cars and other automotive without the risk of damaging them? Use our silicone Flexi-blade when wiping and drying your truck, boat, van, and RV's exterior.
  • ? TAKE IT ANYWHERE - Bring our wiper blade wherever you, thanks to its compact size. Store the device in your car's trunk while you're on a road trip and bring it out when it's cleaning time.
Wish you can dry your car without damaging it?

Your car’s exteriors are very sensitive to small abrasives that get accumulated throughout the day. The best way to avoid this scenario is by cleaning them thoroughly at least once every two weeks. However, your vehicle is still at risk of getting scratched even while you’re drying it after wash.

You might also damage your car’s windows and painted surfaces whenever you use regular cloths when wiping it dry. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a device specifically built to wipe your cars safely.

Dry your car’s exterior and windows without leaving marks and streaks with Sonax’s Silicone Flexi-Blade!

Our silicone Flexi-blade is the perfect tool to use for wiping your cars dry. The soft blade enables fast and effortless wiping to remove beads of water after a thorough washing. The wipers cling to your vehicle’s contours and gently glides on the surface, leaving your car spotless and scratch-free.

This wiper blade has a significant advantage over ordinary drying towels. It does not have any fibers that might trap abrasives with each stroke. The ergonomic handle also lets you perform smooth and uninterrupted sweeping motions without missing a single spot.

Take our silicone blade wherever you go. It can fit inside your toolbox or trunk alongside your other car washing supplies. The blades don’t take up much space in your storage and are relatively easy to use

Here are more features to help you decide:

? The silicone blade is durable and conforms to the shape of any surface
? Works great when used on glass and painted exteriors
? Mess-free wiping minus the splash and suds
? Formulated in Germany

Finally, a better way to dry your vehicle. Add Sonax’s Silicone Flexi-Blade to your cart TODAY!