Sonax Microfibre Drying Towel (80cm x 50cm)

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  • ?? DRY YOUR CAR FASTER - Our microfibre drying cloth effectively absorbs 10x its weight of water, allowing you to quickly dry your vehicle's surface after every car wash so you can use it sooner.
  • ?? NO UNSIGHTLY SCRATCHES - Made from super soft and plush microfibre fabric, our drying cloth will not leave any scratch-marks on your car. It’ll leave your paintwork pristine and polished.
  • ?? BUILT FOR MANY USES - Our microfibre drying towels are designed to be durable. Aside from using premium fabrics, our design also incorporates a mitt-stitched edging to prevent fraying.
  • ?? HASSLE-FREE WASHING - Our microfibre cleaning cloth can be handwashed or machine-washed. Either way, they can be washed several hundred times without losing their effectiveness or shrinking.
  • ?? USE THEM ON ANYTHING - Our micro fiber towels aren't just for cars. Their super-absorbent qualities are also perfect for windows, mirrors, tables, or anything else that needs drying.
Are you still using regular cloth towels and old t-shirts to dry your car?

Although this may seem like a practical choice, it does have its own setbacks. For one, towels made from regular fabric are pretty rough, meaning they can leave scratches and gashes on the surface of your vehicle. Also, they are not very absorbent so you’ll take a longer time to dry your car.

Thankfully, microfibre towels are now available. But any ordinary microfibre won’t do. You want something made specifically for drying cars, one that is super-absorbent and with soft and plush fibers that don’t scratch your paintwork.

Dry your car more efficiently with the Sonax Microfibre Drying Cloth.

Sonax is considered a leader in the car care industry, which means that you can trust our brand for some of the best car care products around. Thus, you can depend on our microfibre towels to do what it’s supposed to do. Your car deserves the best care available, and we strive to bring products that help you achieve just that.

Our microfibre drying cloth are made from the finest materials to ensure that they’re up to any drying tasks. They’re made from extremely dense microfibre fabric with a net weight of 600g/m² which makes them super-absorbent and very effective in drawing moisture from any surface.

Aside from being extremely absorbent, our microfibre drying cloth is also durable. It can be washed and re-used multiple times without easily losing their quality. This makes them a cost-effective option since you don’t have to buy and change towels frequently.

Still not convinced? Here are more features of our microfibre towel to help you decide:

?? Rounded edges
?? Colors don’t leech off when wet
?? Small enough to be brought anywhere

Microfibre towels are simply more efficient in drying your car. Add the Sonax Microfibre Drying Cloth to your cart TODAY!