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Sonax Premium Class Microfibre Car Duster

Brand: Sonax
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  • ? SAFER WAY TO CLEAN YOUR VEHICLE - Maintain your vehicle's prime condition. This microfibre duster traps and holds dust effectively, thoroughly cleaning your cars without the need to use harsh chemicals.
  • ? COVER MORE SURFACES - The duster's head is equipped with a large microfibre head that helps you sweep bigger areas. The duster has thousands of tiny fibers that gently removes dirt and stains.
  • ? SWEEP HARD-REACHING AREAS - Having a hard time washing and polishing your car? Save time with our microfibre duster's slim profile. Its design allows you to wipe edges and small spaces effortlessly.
  • ? FIRM & TIGHT GRIP - The duster's sleek handle allows secure, slip-free gripping. Its microfibre head unsnaps from the handle for convenient washing. You can use the head to wipe surfaces manually.
  • ? FAST-DRYING DUSTER - Wash the microfibre duster by hand with mild soap or throw it in the washer. The cleaning tool dries fast without the need to use heat, so you can use it immediately.
Got your car enveloped in dust and stains?

If you had just taken your car into a quick ride to the coast or a road trip, you'd need to take extra care steps to get back your car in brand-new condition. The same is the case if you've left your vehicle in your garage for a long time.

Your car's surface has accumulated dirt and dust, putting at risk of ruining its windows and exterior. Regular cleaning cloths won't do the trick—you'll need a special tool to reclaim its lustrous and squeaky-clean sheen.

Clean your vehicle safely and thoroughly with Sonax Premium Class Microfibre Car Duster!

Redeem your car's pristine-looking appearance with our microfibre car duster. This cleaning tool is equipped with thousands of tiny fibers capable of picking up dirt and debris more effectively than typical cleaning fabrics.

You can use the microfibre duster to clean your boat's hull or bike's rails, chains, and frame. The duster's soft and gentle fabric also works wonders when waxing and polishing. Its slim profile helps you maneuver it in or around tight spaces.

Do cleaning and polishing a breezy task whenever you use our microfibre car duster. You can also use this device to wipe off dirt on your patio and furniture. It traps and holds small particles without using harsh chemicals that may damage the surface.

Here are more features to help you decide:

? Won't leave lint and residue
? Can be washed by hand or a washer
? Its large size allows you to finish cleaning tasks faster
? Designed and made in Germany

Cleaning your car and furniture has never been this easier. Add Sonax Premium Microfibre Car Duster to your cart TODAY!