Sonax Clear Glass (500mL)

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Have the elements rendered your windshield and windows blurry?

Rain, dirt, grime, and smoke are just four things that your car has to endure every day. With so many elements at play, it’s no wonder your windshield is far from clear and your headlights appear dim. There’s no way around it: your glass surfaces are dirty.

And, as with any component of your car, it’s best if you keep these surfaces clean. After all, you rely on visibility when driving. Anything that prevents you from having crystal clear vision on the road poses a threat to your safety. The good news is you won’t have to look far for a cleaner that does its job right.

Make these surfaces as clear as crystal again with the Sonax Clear Glass.

Free your headlights and windscreens from all those annoying smudges and smears with just one wipe. Spray our glass cleaner onto the surface and wipe it off with a dry and soft lint-free cloth. It can easily remove dead insects, bird droppings, dirt, exhaust deposits, and nicotine films.

What makes our cleaning solution stand out is its potent yet perfectly blended formula. It effectively eradicates smear films and other dried deposits, plus it leaves no streaks or haze afterwards. Yet, it doesn’t damage the tint of your windows or the glass itself. It’s phosphate-free, too.

Feel free to use our cleaning product beyond car care. It’s a perfectly capable household cleaner for any glass surface you may have. Remove fingerprints, oils, and other hardened stains from your windows, shelves, or tables.

Know our product a bit better with these details:

? 500 ml trigger sprayer bottle
? Made in Germany
? Packaging may vary

Get clear, unhampered visibility with your auto’s glass surfaces. Order your own Sonax Clear Glass today!
  • HELLO, SPOTLESS WINDOWS - Make glass surfaces as clean as they could be with our spray cleaner. It's excellent at removing dirt, grime, oil, and even nicotine on windshields, headlights, and more.
  • NO STREAKS, NO HAZE - We formulated our window cleaning solution to provide great clarity. It removes impurities without leaving streaks, and it adds a protective layer that helps prevent haze.
  • PHOSPHATE-FREE FORMULA - The formula of our glass cleaner does not contain phosphate, which harms rivers and lakes. This makes our product the clear-cut eco-conscious choice for auto glass care.
  • USEFUL HOUSEHOLD CLEANER - Our product is more than just for car windshields or headlights. It's also highly effective for regular household use on any glass surface such as windows and tabletops.
  • IMPRESSIVE VALUE - What you'll get with every purchase of our glass spray cleaner is well worth its price. It contains 500 ml of our effective solution in a trigger spray bottle for controlled use.
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