Order Statuses

We know how eager you are to receive your order from Ramy Automotive! Here are a few guidelines that will help you understand your order status and track your package:

- Pending: As soon as you place your order, its status will be “Pending”. This means that we have received it on our system and we will attend to it shortly

- Processing: Your order has been viewed by our staff, and your items are being picked, packed and prepared for courier pickup

- Complete: Your order has been consolidated and your items are ready to be shipped! Our courier partners have been notified and will collect them as soon as possible from our warehouse

After this point, to track your shipment, go to www.aramex.com and enter the Tracking Number found at the bottom right of the shipment email received from Ramy Automotive as seen below:

Additional Order Statuses:

- Closed: This status will only be displayed when you have made a return for your ordered products and a full refund has been issued

- Cancelled: The credit card details entered after checkout were incorrect after several attempts. Kindly contact your bank to inquire about the issue. To retrieve your cancelled order, just go to your Account Dashboard and click on “Reorder” which will take you back to your Shopping Cart

- Pending Payment: You have checked out your order, however you have still not entered your credit card details. In case you close the credit card payment page, you will have to place a new order and your previous order will be discarded