Sonax Microfibre Sponge

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Can’t get rid of stubborn stains and dirt marks on your car?

Maintaining your car's pristine condition is not a cakewalk. It requires paying close attention and the right tools and products to help you remove specks of dirt and stains on your vehicle's exteriors.

Tread lightly, allowing dirt and residue to settle on your car might pose harmful effects in the long run. Foreign debris can mix with rain, weakening the surface. Abrasive compounds also cause permanent damage due to scratches and scuffs.

Maintain your car’s spotless beauty with Sonax’s Microfibre Sponge!

Our microfibre sponge helps you clean your car's windows and exterior thoroughly without the risk of damaging your vehicle. This extra-large sponge has two sides: chenille fibers for superior absorbency that holds water and soap longer.

The opposite side of the sponge has a smooth surface, capable of wiping any surface clean. Use it to rinse off suds or for spreading wax and polishing agent. You can also use it to sweep dust on your car's windows and upholstery.

This sponge is a handy cleaning tool for car owners. Every inch of our sponge has thousands of tiny fibers that pick up debris and absorb liquids with each wipe. Regular cloths often push out wax, soap, and polishing agents, resulting in more mess than a cleaner surface.

Here are more features to help you decide:

? Equally efficient when used in cleaning windshield wipers
? Absorbs automotive shampoo effectively
? Picks up the smallest particles and can be used to dry your cars
? Durable for your daily wear and tear

Don't let dirt and stains take away your car from you. Add Sonax's Microfibre Sponge to your cart TODAY!
  • THOROUGH CLEANING - Remove stubborn stains, residue, and hardened dirt on your car's exterior with our microfibre cleaning cloth. The sponge does not accumulate lint and can be used both wet or dry.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT - This microfibre sponge holds water or soap and polishing agents well. Wipe your car's windows and exteriors repeatedly without the need to soak the sponge again and again.
  • COVERS MORE AREA - Breeze through your car washing and polishing duties with this extra-large sponge. Both sides glide smoothly on surfaces, allowing you to finish cleaning your vehicle much faster.
  • PRODUCES MORE FOAM & BUBBLES - One side of the microfibre sponge has long chenille fibers for better absorbency and holding power. It allows for quicker formation and better retention of suds while washing.
  • SMOOTH & NON-ABRASIVE - The opposite side of the microfibre sponge is designed to smoothly remove dirt and stains. You can also use it to wipe off remaining soap suds or for polishing and waxing.
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