Red Top Battery 4.2

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BRAND: Optima
SKU: RT4.2
Warranty period: 1 YEAR
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Benefits of Optima batteries : 

Lifetime up to 2 times more important than other batteries. 
Maximum starting power in the first 1, 3, 5 and 10 seconds of the start-up process. 
Stable performance over time. 
Low self-discharge, Ideal for seasonal use: fully charged, it can remain unused for 12 months at room temperature (or lower) and succeed in starting a car. 
High resistance to vibrations over time 15 times higher compared to traditional batteries 
High performance in extreme temperatures. (-40 ° + 40 °) 
Leak-free, leak-free batteries can be mounted in virtually any position. No acid flow. 
Faster charging, up to 3.5 times faster than traditional batteries. 

A solid battery for tough jobs 

OPTIMA batteries have quickly become recognized in commercial applications. 
In agricultural & TP applications, rigorous operating conditions and long storage periods are common. Heavy maintenance programs are an important time for farmers and TP staff; resulting in lower productivity and lower profit. OPTIMA batteries help reduce the time it takes to provide industrial equipment with a consistent, reliable power source under extreme conditions, providing spaced replacements and reduced maintenance costs by reducing the time spent on equipment repairs vital. A solid battery for tough jobs 

The OPTIMA advantage 

TP & agricultural applications that periodically use heavy systems demand first-class starting power. OPTIMA's patented Spiralcell technology allows the start-up of large diesel engines even after long periods of non-use & during periods cold . Its low self-discharge rate makes it ideal for high seasonal applications. OPTIMA batteries offer unsurpassed vibration resistance compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, providing up to 15 times more resistance than competing products. This is particularly beneficial for materials used in a rocky, bumpy and vibrating environment. The strongly compressed elements in the battery provide a robust design, free of leakage and avoid the disintegration of the active material, caused by vibrations. The loss of active material reduces the reserve capacity and the starting power of a battery. An OPTIMA battery is able to withstand the grueling grounds and uses without loss of power, improving productivity and efficiency. 

Operation under extreme conditions 

The advanced OPTIMA battery technology not only provides extended storage time and vibration resistance, but provides consistent power even in extreme climates and temperatures. Excessive heat can promote corrosion and degassing, which can shorten the life of a battery. OPTIMA batteries have better resistance to heat, reducing its negative impacts. In winter applications, the starting power delivered to the engine is extremely high. OPTIMA batteries have a lower internal resistance, which increases starting power even at the lowest temperatures.

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