What Is A Snorkel Or Raised Air Intake?

January 15, 2020
What Is A Snorkel Or Raised Air Intake?
What Is A Snorkel Or Raised Air Intake?

A snorkel is a device often used on an overland vehicle that moves the engine's air intake from under the hood - usually from the wheel arches - to a position at roof height. The device is connected to the engine's intake with a coupler and ran out of the engine compartment through a hole in the fender.

From here, the snorkel runs up along the A-pillar before terminating at a point near the top of the cabin. A watertight seal is produced at all joints in the system through the use of gaskets as well as silicone sealant.

Reasons Why You Need A Snorkel?

  • Increase The Vehicle's Rated Wading Depth
  • The Main Reason: Cleaner Air For the Engine

More detailed information of why you need a snorkel you can find at overlandsite.com/overlanding/how-snorkels-work/!

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