A Problem with Pedal Commander?

March 23, 2020
A Problem with Pedal Commander?
A problem with Pedal Commander?

Here is a clarification on some spreading information on faulty Pedal Commander products.

A big batch of Pedal Commander in 2019 had hardware issues where the packaging was not clamping the wire properly. This was causing the internal clips to the motherboard to get lose and come up with an error. This is seen through the sudden loss of power or a sudden increase in power. Distributors around the world have been replacing the faulty units at no cost under warranty with new non-faulty ones.

We at RAMY Automotive have tested the new 2020 batch and all is worked well. It is good to know the root cause of the problem we all benefit from the solution. If you have any issues with faulty device please visit our showroom, if it was bought by RAMY Automotive, as it will be replaced on the spot.

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