How to Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage
April 15, 2021
How to Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage
How to Protect Your Vehicle from Sun Damage

Experiencing scorching heat during the summer in UAE is not a strange thing. However, you need to be aware that your vehicle too requires proper protection from sun damage.

Many people are aware cracks or scratches on the car body or the dashboard reduce the car’s value. But extreme sun rays during UAE’s summer season can damage your car and cause a direct impact on your car’s resale value.  

Wondering how intense heat can damage your car!

Your car can be damaged in many ways when it is exposed to extreme heat. If you love your car then you need to protect your car and take good care of it during summer.

Here we have discussed a few proactive tips to be followed to protect your car from sun damage.

1. The Coolant

Car Engines are specifically designed to function even at high temperature. However, if it is operated for a pro-long time in summer and gets overheated then it will lead to severe damage.

Even, metal parts around the car engine melt and fuse together.

To avoid such a hefty repair, a proper cooling system is necessary. You may know that almost every car these days comes with an in-built cooling system. During the summer period check on the cooling system is necessary, because extreme heat can cause the coolant level to go below the par level.

To protect your car from getting overheated during the summer season, make sure you check your car’s coolant level and fan belt condition before summer begins.

2. The Paint

Imagine you want to sell your car, and a potential buyer noticing cracks on it; not a sign of a well-maintained car is it?

To protect your car from extreme ultraviolet rays from the sun during UAE’s summer, it’s better to wax your car.

Apart from offering a good exterior look to your car, car waxing acts as the sunscreen for your vehicle and locks the natural oil condition of your car paint. For better maintenance, ‘Ramyautomotive’ experts suggest waxing your car at least twice a year.  

Just like car waxing, you can invest in placing paint protection film on your car’s exterior. A paint protection film is an invisible film that acts as a protective shield of your vehicle and acts as an extra sunscreen layer for your car.

Having a protective film on your car or waxing your car will help to maintain your car exterior in a good condition for a long period. Also, it protects your car body from getting minor scratches.  

3. The Interior

Protecting your car interior is equally important as the car exterior. Exposing your car to extreme heat rays can damage your auto upholstery and several car components.

Here are some tips which prevent your car interior heat problem

  • The first thing you need to know during summer is, never to park your car directly in sunlight. Extreme heat rays can overheat your car interior by cracking your windshield and dashboard.
  • Always make sure you carry pocket-friendly multiple window sunshade along with you while travelling. Window sunshades in good condition can cut most of the sun rays which pass through window glasses.
  • Get your car’s windows tinted, by doing so you can block a significant amount of thermal rays which heats your car interior.
  • Placing a reflecting sun panel may sound funny, but it is effective in protecting your car from getting heat during extreme heat conditions.
  • Make sure you clean your car interior regularly to maintain it in a proper condition. Also, install seat covers. Having a seat cover protects your seat from getting tear and also keeps your seats cool during summer.

4. The Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the vital components of your car interior. Proper care must be given for maintenance else it would ruin your car’s interior look.

Dust and debris which passes through doors and windows will cause tiny scratches on your dashboard if they are not cleaned properly.

Car experts from ‘Ramyautomotive’ suggest using a microfiber cloth to wipe the dashboard to get rid of those collected dust and debris.

You can prefer polishing your dashboard at regular intervals to maintain its shine or use dash covers for protecting your dashboard glossiness against sun rays.  

5. The Glass

Glass tends to expand and crack when it gets overheated or frozen.

The extreme heat during the summer in the UAE will damage the rubber seal of your car’s window and leak the heated air to pass through your window glass easily.

Besides, the high ultraviolet rays from the sun during the summer may damage your windows metal coating and leads to rust formation. The damaged metal coating may result in the glass of your window exposed to rust.  

It is essential to take your car to a trusted garage-like ‘Ramyautomotive’ when you notice cracks in the glass of your window. It may be a mirror problem, but if you don’t take immediate care it may cause more problems especially in summer.  

6. The Tires

With the increased heat and temperature during the summer, your car tiers may have a high chance of getting blown out.

Avoid driving for a long period during summer; else your car tires will be under-inflated. When the under-inflated tires hit the hot roads during summer they will get blown out easily.

So, it is highly recommended to check your tire condition and air pressure at regular intervals throughout the summer season.

7. The Brakes

Well, there is no need to explain the importance of having good braking pads for your car. However, you should take a few extra precautions on your braking system during the summer season of the UAE.

As we all know, UAE roads are highly rated when it comes to dust levels. In such extreme dust conditions, the brake pads of your car get damaged easily.

At the same time, while parking your car you should make sure there is a tarmac else your brake pads will damage quickly with the accumulation of dust.

8. The Battery

We all know battery damages often during the winter season. However, extreme heat conditions could also cause considerable pressure on batteries due to overheating and overcharging.

Car experts of ‘Ramyautomotive’ point out that car battery failure during the winter season is the result of the damages that took place in the summer.

It is highly recommended to pay attention to the battery oil levels and frequently change the battery oil during the summer.

Bottom Line

Well, the essential tips to protect your car during the summer season were listed above. Follow those and prevent your car from damage during the extreme heat of UAE’s summer.

Else, you can approach a specialist car care centre like Ramyautomotive. You can get a special offer from Ramyautomotive on car care services during summer.

Author: Sultan Asad

Sultan Asad

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