Is It Ok to Lift the Jeep and Install 35” Tires on it?

May 23, 2020
Is It Ok to Lift the Jeep and Install 35” Tires on it?
Is it ok to lift the Jeep and install 35” tires on it?

We receive a lot of similar questions. Here we are answering the following one: "A while back I was planning on shipping my 2013 Rubicon JKU to you to do some mods. Mainly lifting the Jeep and putting 35” tires on it. I got concerned about the centre of gravity and the highway ride (since this is where I spend most of my time). From your experience, what is the effect in that regard when adding a 2.5” Lift Kit and Fox 2.0 shocks? My main concern about the centre of gravity comes from the fact that I do some dune bashing, would those mods lower the torque?"

Our answer:

Theoretically, a higher centre of gravity will affect the vehicle roll centre and hence make it more prone to rolling on the dunes. This doesn't really apply when it comes to lifting your Jeep by only 2.5" because:
1- The increased height is minimal
2- The more stable springs and shocks positively affect the ride stability much more than the negative effect of lifting
3- After lifting, people tend to install wider tires and wider rims which also give the vehicle more stability

I hope the above explains why lifting your Jeep by 2.5" won't affect your stability negatively.

In terms of road quality, it all depends on what springs and what shocks you go for. If your budget allows, do not look further than AEV Springs matched with Fox Shocks. AEV Springs are progressive. They will give you an amazing feel on the road but will also perform on the sand. As for FOX, "FOX IS FOX". The only High-Performance Shock approved by OE. Mopar, TRD, FORD RACING, POLARIS, etc use them. They will perform great and feel great.

The AEV LHD 2.5" DualSport XT Suspension Kit is the lift kit we recommend for extreme comfort. It is a premium!

These are the options of FOX Shocks for JK. Even the entry-level ones are amazing.

Let us know if you have more questions. We are here to help. It is our passion.

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