March 12, 2020
Is Supercharger Legal in UAE?
Is Supercharger Legal in UAE?

We receive a lot of similar questions. Here we are answering the following one: "I wanted to ask the legality of having a supercharger installed in my Jeep Wrangler that I also use as my daily drive vehicle. I am unsure if the information I was given in the past was correct or not, but I was told that, if my Jeep had an aftermarket supercharger installed, that it would not pass RTA inspection and that if I was caught driving in on public streets I could face a fine and the Jeep impounded. Any information or advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated with regard to this matter."

Our Answer:

The information we will be supplying you with is 100% based on real experience but not official:

  • Even if the supercharger is not accepted by RTA, you will never be stopped on the road for having one (unless you are in Sharjah then you could be stopped for something as little as a performance filter).
  • In the past, RTA didn’t approve superchargers so customers would remove them during passing and reinstall them after passing. They will never be stopped on the road for doing so. The road patrols in Dubai and Abu Dhabi mainly care on the way you drive and as long as you follow the rules and drive safely nobody will approach you.
  • YOU CAN NOW HAVE YOUR SUPERCHARGER INSTALLED AND APPROVED BY RTA. This means you would be 100% legal. The process takes less than a week. You must go to a special committee created by RTA which knows aftermarket products very well. They will see that you have a branded supercharger installed by a reputable shop and will give you an approval. If they sense any low quality work, they will fail it. If they pass it, it enters the system with a supercharger meaning in the future you can go through the regular test with the supercharger without any issues.

RAMY Automotive helps their customers through the whole process when customers are installing Sprintex Superchargers with us.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to answer.

We can do the installation of the SPRINTEX Supercharger at our RAMY Workshop in Dubai (Al Quoz Ind. Area 4). Click >>here<< for the directions. Please contact our Sales Team for bookings or more information:

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